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With over 15 years of experience in the insurance and risk management industries, VersiTrax was created with a clear mission:   Provide organizations with solutions that are innovative, accurate, reliable and secure to simplify their compliance and risk mitigation needs.

VersiTrax designs and develops our solutions on the AWS (Amazon Web Services) backbone, which provides us with just more than hosting platform, but rather the tools to create extremely robust and scalable solutions.   With our AWS-based solutions, we are able to offer our clients unsurpassed benefits:

  • Having unlimited processing power and storage, allows us to have the fastest and painless onboarding process of anyone out there. We are able to process over 250,000 documents, contracts and certificates of insurance (COIs) within 12 hours!
  • In 2015, we released our Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology which allows us to scan and process with approximately 99.98% accuracy any forms that are e-mailed or faxes, regardless if they are fuzzy, upside down, sideways, or even 15% rotated. Every COI that we process gets scanned over 200 times within a fraction of a second to ensure the highest accuracy of ANY solution out there.
  • One of the most advanced and largest global disaster recovery and business continuity solution – Let’s face it… Amazon doesn’t go down.
  • Ability to move your dedicated server to anywhere is the world, which allows the response time of your access, reporting and data input to be the most responsive it possibly could be. So if your offices and vendors are in California, then we can host your solution on the West coast.  If you have offices in Japan and Brazil, we have the ability to have your solution hosted in specific countries, with data synchronization seamless between the two continents.
  • With cyber-attacks on the rise and new & harsher regulations, our systems will not only pass, but exceed all security requirements, including HIPPA, GDPR, and PDPA.

For more information on VersiTrax and our solutions, please e-mail us @ or call us at (414) 376-8688

VersiTrax compliance solutions….. Simplicity, accuracy and secure…. your peace of mind.

Our Clients

VersiTrax has clients all over the world, including four of the seven continents – North America, South America, Europe and Australia.  When we designed our cloud-based solution, we created it with the ability for rapid deployment and onboarding of clients all over the world.   Because our solution’s backbone is on AWS (Amazon Web Services), we have the ability to host our clients’ systems literally anywhere in the world, so its response time it optimized for their location.

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