VersiTrax Tracking COIs for Vendors without Scan or Fax Capabilities

Tracking COIs for Vendors without Scan or Fax Capabilities

Even though it is 2015, there are still many people and businesses out there without scanning or faxing capabilities.   Several VersiTrax clients have vendors that do not have scanning and e-mail capabilities, and in a few cases they do not even have fax capabilities.   With clients in the construction, trucking, logistics and restoration industries, it is common to have people in the field that do not have typical and modern day technologies that we just take for granted.

With the goal of achieving 100% compliance, it was crucial for VersiTrax to have a solution that would empower its clients’ partners to be able to submit their COIs as long as they had basic smartphone capabilities.  So if the person is out in the field, but has an Apple iPhone, Android, or even a Blackberry, they can take a picture of any COI and send it via e-mail or text message for submission.

Our Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology can accept and accurately process any picture of a COI, regardless if it is slanted, skewed, or not perfectly focused.   Allowing those remote and non-technical users to submit their certificates of insurance, and ensuring that your risk is minimal and you have the highest compliance possible, is our ultimate goal!

To learn more about our Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology, give us a call!

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