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LeadingTech_tabWe have the fastest and most painless onboarding process that no one else out there can match. Our onboarding is simple and accurate with our Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology! We can process more than 250,000 documents within 12 hours. The Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology allows us to scan and process forms with approximately 99.98% accuracy. Whether the form is emailed or faxed, fuzzy, upside down, sideways, or even rotated by 15%, our technology can process it with ease. It goes over every Certificate of Insurance at least 200 times within a fraction of a second. Accuracy is ensured both in the scanning and processing. Working with the AWS backbone means you can always rely on our solutions, as the Amazon Web Service is one of the most advanced and largest global disaster and business continuity solutions today. Migration of your dedicated resources to anywhere in the world is easy. We can host your solutions in specific countries with seamless data synchronization.

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