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Document and Contracts Management

Built through our experience in COI tracking, our robust solution allows you to tag, track, manage and report any key document for your organization.  Streamline your contract lifecycle management process the right way with VersiTrax.

VersiTrax offers advanced contract management systems that allow companies and organizations to gain better control of their contracts while minimizing risks at the same time. Our contract management software improves your operations by letting you stay on top of contracts without the hassle.

From request and approval, to expiration and renewal, our contract management software will prove to be valuable. It automates the standard, often paper-based tasks, while providing the information and tools you need to work better. This helps in:

  • Structuring more profitable transactions
  • Identifying opportunities for revenue growth more quickly
  • Assessing the value of multi-contract connections
  • Recognizing opportunities for renegotiation to improve terms
  • Avoiding sanctions and penalties by ensuring compliance, and more.

Whether your needs are for a small department or an entire organization, our contract management system packs features that make your work a whole lot easier. Get in touch with VersiTrax today and find out how we can make paperwork a lot less tedious.

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