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Managing risks across a company or organization is often a complicated and time-consuming process. Make it less stressful and more streamlined with VersiTrax.

VersiTrax is a top provider of Certificate of Insurance management software, as well as other solutions meant to make insurance compliance and risk management easier. We design and develop accurate, innovative, reliable, and secure insurance software solutions that deliver great results for your organization.

Our suite of Certificate of Insurance management systems include software for:

  • Certificate of Insurance Tracking
  • Issuance of Certificates of Insurance
  • Documents and Contracts Management

Employee and Contractor Compliance software, as well as a Case Management software are also currently in the works.

VersiTrax Insurance Software Solutions: Providing Answers to Your Compliance Needs

With our insurance certificate tracking system, companies and organizations get a better view of their risk profile. They also get to streamline their processes by automating the time-consuming and often paper-based operations that come with tracking and reporting works. This gives risks managers and other offices in charge of maintaining adequate insurance coverage a better view and understanding of their exposures. This then allows for immediate action before incidents happen.

The premier insurance tracking services we offer comes with a full range of features. It reduces expenses related to tracking, controls business risks, and significantly cuts tracking time. We’re all about making work faster for your company, so you can focus on improving all aspects of operations.

With our Advanced OCR 3.0 © Technology, we can scan and process forms with 99.98% accuracy.
When it comes to certificate tracking software and solutions, trust only VersiTrax. We provide simplicity, accuracy, and security for your peace of mind.


Certificate of Insurance Tracking

Revolutionary and customizable system that automates over 95% of the manual processes that are standard to all other tracking and reporting Certificate of Insurance solutions.

Issuance of Certificates of Insurance

Simplified system of creating, managing and distributing certificates of insurance that reduces manual intervention, integrates with your existing systems, and comes complete with Holder Self Service.

Document and Contracts Management

Robust solution allowing you to tag, track, manage, report on, and request updates for any document or record in the system.  Allows ease of use through a complete web interface and workflow toolset.

Case Management

Our case management solutions automate core processes, such as underwriting, servicing, document processing, policy issuance, and more. It also helps analyze, transform, and streamline your processes to eliminate redundancies and improve accuracy.

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