VersiTrax Managing Complexity in Large-Scale Business Efforts

Managing Complexity in Large-Scale Business Efforts

In business, all things must improve. Companies should adapt to and embrace change and be able to deliver large-scale efforts, be it through cultural transformation, expansion in their product lines, or acquisition.


The main pitfall of managing and implementing large-scale efforts is failing to deliver at the application level. Naturally, if you invested quite a lot of resources into a project, you expect it to succeed. But, with the right management strategies, complex and large-scale projects can be simple.




Organizations usually make large-scale efforts to make competitive moves, implement change or expand product lines to stimulate customer interest and gain share. To make sure that the project has a positive impact on stakeholders and customers, the project should align with business goals. Large-scale projects should somehow stick or, to some extent, drive transformation. It is also important to measure the customers and identify their pain points.


Orient and Organize


Senior managers should communicate any large-scale effort to all levels of the organization and other stakeholders. When you assign roles for implementation and production, organize them around skill-sets and disciplines, not ideas, individuals, or politics. Analyze the real risks and the impact of this change, eliminate unnecessary aspects, and continually reconfigure until you arrive at a manageable scale.


Decide and Act


Once the preliminary steps have been accomplished, the next step is to act and implement the project. At this point, the organization should engage clients and customers effectively to avoid confusion. In large-scale projects, it is crucial to commit resources; otherwise, the project will fail. If unfavorable situations arise, project leaders and managers should be able to plan a response first before acting on it.


In the end, any large-scale project must have value for everyone. With effective and responsive management and efficient tools, scale will not be an issue. Effective management and leadership is the key to managing complexity and implementing change, with the help of tools such us our very own cloud-based solution.


We have developed a cloud-based technology to make tracking, deployment and responding simple and easy, regardless of the scale and complexity of the project. Contact VersiTrax today for more details about our products.

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