VersiTrax Improve Insurance Compliance to Streamline Operations

Improve Insurance Compliance to Streamline Operations

Managing risks in any organization is a complicated task because of the data involved and the dissemination of information. Simplifying the process with the use of software enables your company to make management and compliance of insurance faster and easier.

Improve Business Processes

A complicated system wherein a company still uses paperwork to manage risk profiles and compliance issues is inefficient and slow. This process drags down operations and makes managing difficult. Paper documents are still important, but you can make things easier and faster by automating certain processes.

Installing management software that enables you to not only automate certain processes, but also manages risk profiles and helps you with insurance compliance issues can change the game. This technology allows you to monitor and track reports and information. It also reduces the need for paper-based documents, which makes the process easier to follow.

With the right software, you get a solution that tags, manages, reports and requests updates for any document or record in your database. This allows ease of use even for new employees that are just onboarding with the company. An automated and simplified system of distributing, managing and creating certificates of insurance limits the need for manual intervention.

Minimal manual input reduces the possibility of mistakes and ensures that your process of storing and distributing data is smoother.

Certificate of Insurance from VersiTrax

VersiTrax has more than 15 years of experience in the risk management and insurance industries. The company has a clear aim of providing organizations with innovative solutions that simplifies and automates risk mitigation and compliance needs.

We at VersiTrax design and develop our solutions on the Amazon Web Services backbone, which gives us more than a hosting platform, but a set of tools that create scalable and robust services for our clients. Our management software provides an insurance tracking system that automates more than 95% of manual processes.

Contact us to learn more about our management software and services.

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